Filipino Beef Salpicao

The Filipino Beef Salpicao Recipe is a Spanish favorite! Beef cubes in worcestershire sauce with mushrooms

Serve: 4

1 lbbeef tenderloin; cubed
1 canmushrooms pieces
2 tspworcestershire sauce
6 tspliquid seasoning
1 tspSugar
1 tspfresh ground pepper
1/4 tsppaprika; (optional)
salt; to taste
1 tsponion
2 tbspolive or canola oil
6 clovesgarlic; minced

Combine worcestershire sauce, liquid seasoning, garlic, sugar, paprika and black pepper in a bowl. Add a small amount of oil.

Pour liquid mixture over beef cubes, rub until marinade is completely absorbed and keep refrigerated for about 2 hours.

Using the rest of the oil and the onion, saute beef chunks until evenly browned. Add the remaining liquid mixture from the marinade, add mushrooms and a tbsp of butter.

Filipino Beef Salpicao
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