Shortbread cookies with coconut

The Shortbread cookies with coconut Recipe Taste not just for Christmas Preparation time: 60 minutes * without refrigeration time Cooking time: about 11 minutes per cookie sheet Keeps for about 3 weeks in tightly sealed cans

Approximately 200 pieces

For the dough:
625 g butter, softened
* 500g sugar
* 2 packs of Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar
* 2 eggs (size M)
* 1 level tsp salt
* 1 kg of wheat flour
* 2 packs of Dr. Oetker Backin
* 125g grated coconut

stir the batter for butter in a large mixing bowl with electric mixer with whisk at the highest level of smooth.

Gradually stir in sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs and salt. As long as the stirring until a bound mass has formed.

flour with baking powder, two thirds of them in portions with stirring over medium heat.

Remaining flour mixture and the grated coconut with a hand mixer with dough hook at medium speed with work. The dough wrapped in plastic wrap overnight in the refrigerator.

Preheat the oven. Top and bottom heat: about 180 ° C, hot air: about 160 ° C.

Divide the dough into portions. The portions of dough through a meat grinder with a special purpose press, cut into pieces of any length and as bars, rings and other custom shapes to baking sheets (greased, lined with baking paper) set.

the baking sheets in succession move (along with hot air 3 baking sheets) in the preheated oven. The biscuits bake about 11 minutes per baking sheet.

the biscuits to the baking paper from the baking sheets to cool on cake racks and take leave.

Hint: For dark Spritzgeb├Ąck a third of the dough with a mixture of 20 g sifted cocoa powder and 20 grams of sugar dough. Dip the ends of the spray biscuits in melted chocolate. Use a shortbread cookie with hazelnuts 800 g flour and 200 g ground hazelnuts. You can easily halve the recipe.

Shortbread cookies with coconut Recipe
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