Melon cake with Oreo

The Melon cake with Oreo Recipe for Summer enjoyment in the garden fruit Preparation time: 50 minutes without cooling time

About 16 pieces

For the dough:
approximately 350 g of Oreo ® Double Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate with cream filling
* 120g butter

For the topping:
225 g drained melon balls (canned)
* 6 sheets of white gelatin
* 250 ml (¼ l) fruit juice (made up from the box, with apple juice or water)
* 75 g sugar
* 1 pack dessert sauce vanilla flavor for cooking
* 500 g cottage cheese (20% fat)
* 500 g mascarpone

For the dough, the cookies filled with a knife carefully separated from each other. The Chocolate Cream scrape with the back of a knife and place in a bowl. Set aside 16 black Kekshälften.

The remaining biscuits in a grinder to very fine crumbs process. The crumbs of the chocolate cream into the bowl. Melt butter in a saucepan, add to the crumb-cream mixture and stir well.

A back frame the size of 30 × 30 cm on a baking sheet (lightly greased baking paper covered) position. The crumb mixture on the baking sheet, press down with a spoon to form a floor and chill.

Compensate for the surface of the melon balls out the juice. 15 melon balls aside, halve remaining balls.

Soak the gelatin according to package instructions. From the measured fruit juice, sugar and powdered sauce cook a pudding according to package instructions.

Remove the pan from the heat. Soaked gelatine and dissolve easily under stirring in the hot pudding. Cool the custard, stirring occasionally, about 15 minutes.

Mix cottage cheese with mascarpone in a bowl. Stir in the fruit pudding. The melon ball halves spread crumbs on the floor. The mascarpone cream to give fruit and smooth out. The set aside, and the black Kekshälften melon balls to put decorative. The cake in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

The back frame and remove. The cake into pieces.

Melon cake with Oreo
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