Chocolate buckthorn blobs

The Chocolate buckthorn blobs Recipe Preparation time: 40 minutes without melting time Keeps for about 6 weeks in well-sealed cans

Approximately 50 pieces

For the chocolate:
300 g bittersweet chocolate coating (about 72% cocoa content)
* 6 tsp loose black Sanddorntee

preheat the oven. Top and bottom heat: about 50 ° C, hot air: about 50 ° C.

chop the chocolate into pieces. 220 of Kuvert├╝rest├╝cke g in a metal dish or ovenproof saucepan and push it onto the grate in the preheated oven. The chocolate melts about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

take, the metal bowl or the pot from the oven. The rest of the chocolate and add to the same bowl in the pot and slowly stir until it melts. 3 teaspoons of Sanddorntees stir in the chocolate last.

the chocolate with a spoon in heaps on baking sheets (with greaseproof paper used) to give.

The baking sheets lightly tap several times on the countertop so that the heaps of chocolate melt in thin circles. Sprinkle the chocolate with the remaining blobs Sanddorntee and leave to set.

put a layer of aluminum foil to store each of chocolate between the blobs. The oven temperature to melt the chocolate coating is the same for top and bottom heat and hot air.

Chocolate buckthorn blobs Recipe
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