Apple cookies

The Apple cookies Recipe Seductively fruity Preparation time: 1 ½ hours, without Teiggeh and cooling time * Cooking time: about 12 minutes per cookie sheet Durability: about 1 week in tightly sealed cans

Approximately 50 pieces

For the dough:
500 g flour
* 200 g sugar
* 1 package dried yeast, Dr. Oetker
* 100 ml lukewarm water 1 pinch salt
* 2 egg yolks (size M)
* 270 g soft butter or margarine
* some wheat flour

For the filling:
1 tart apple (about 150 g)
* 50 grams of dried apple rings
* ½ packs of Dr. Oetker Finesse grated lemon peel
* 120g apple or quince jelly
* 70 g butter

For the cast:
40g butter 140g caster sugar
* 2 tablespoons lemon juice
* something * green and red food color

For dusting:
powdered sugar

For the dough 100 g flour with 50 g of dried yeast and sugar mix, add water. Mix the ingredients. The dough covered in a warm place about 45 minutes.

Add remaining flour, remaining sugar, salt, egg yolks and butter or margarine to the dough and hand mixer with a dough hook to work with first briefly at the lowest, well then at the highest level.

Put the dough on a lightly floured surface, knead well for about 5 minutes. Place the dough in cling film wrapped at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Preheat the oven. Top and bottom heat: about 180 ° C, hot air: about 160 ° C.

of the dough on lightly floured surface and knead again briefly, then roll out in portions, about 2 mm thick. You use a cookie cutter (about 6 cm diameter) cut out apples on baking sheet (greased, lined with baking paper). The scraps of apples processed further.

the baking sheets in succession move (along with hot air) in the preheated oven. Cookies bake about 12 minutes per baking sheet can be drawn with the baking paper from the baking sheets to cool on cake racks.

peel and finely grate the apple filling. Finely chop the apple slices, cook with Apfelraspeln, lemon jelly and stirring in about 5 minutes on a thick mass, let cool slightly. Mash with the butter. Half of the cookies on the bottom brush with the apple mix. The remaining biscuits on top and press gently.

melted butter for the cast. Powdered sugar with lemon juice and melted butter until smooth.

A quarter turn green, put it in a freezer bag. Seal the bag, cut a small corner. One sheet and a stick spray on the spot. Rest of cast red color and paint on the cheeks as a cookie. Can be cast, dust with powdered sugar.

Apple cookies
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