The Anislaiberl Recipe Preparation time: 40 minutes without resting and cooling * Baking time: 12-14 minutes per baking sheet Durability: 2-3 weeks in tightly sealed cans

Approximately 60 pieces

For the dough:
Aniseed * 2 egg whites 10 g (size M)
* 150 g sugar
* 2 egg yolks (size M)
* 150 g flour

For the filling:
120g plain chocolate (minimum 50% cocoa content)
* 100 g whipping cream (at least 30% fat)
* 20 ml Pernod

for the dough to the Aniseed coarsely chop and set aside.

Egg in a mixing bowl with electric mixer with whisk at the highest level until stiff. The snow must be such that a knife cut remains visible. Gradually beat in sugar and beat until the meringue stands out strongly.

add the egg yolks and beat briefly. Last flour and aniseed with a spatula fold in gently.

Place the dough in a piping bag with Lochtülle (diameter approximately 1-1 ½ inches) fill.

The dough as flat spots (diameter about 3 cm) onto baking sheet (greased, lined with baking paper) spray. This leave enough distance between the dots. The dry Anislaiberl then 3-4 hours at room temperature.

Preheat the oven. Top and bottom heat: about 160 ° C, hot air: about 140 ° C.

the baking sheets in succession move (along with hot air) in the preheated oven. The Anislaiberl bake 12-14 minutes per baking sheet.

The Anislaiberl with the baking paper from the baking sheets to cool on cake racks and take leave.

For the filling, chop the chocolate in the meantime into small pieces. Whip the cream in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat and melt the chocolate while stirring.

The chocolate and cream in a large mixing bowl mass fill. Add the Pernod. The ingredients set up with a hand blender. The chocolate-cream to cool down.

The chocolate cream filling in a freezer bag. The bag tightly and cut off a corner about ½ inch thick. Half of the Anislaiberl on the back, each with a spot spray filling and cover with the remaining Anislaiberln and press lightly.

Tip: The simmer covered Anislaiberl before consumption by pulling at least 8 hours.

Anislaiberl Recipe
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