Lumpiang Shanghai

The Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Serve: 5

1/2 kgground pork
1/2 kgground beef
4 cupsbread crumbs; (preferable italian flavored)
1 onion; (white or sweet onion)
6 clovesgarlic; (minced)
1 handfulcilanro; handful
6 tablespoons ofSoy sauce
4 tablespoonsbrown sugar
1/2 tablespoon ofSalt
1/2 tablespoonground pepper
1 Carrots; (up to 2), minced, optional

mix them all up and wrap them in lumpia wrapper (there is lumpia wrapper available in small square that is the perfect size). and deep fry till wrapper is golden brown.

For the sauce:
get sweet chilli sauce at any asian market. Lumpia wrapper is also available in the asian market. dont get the dry one, lupia wrapper usually frozen or chilled. This can make you about 50 lumpia. Enjoy.

Lumpiang Shanghai
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