Filippino Breakfast Buns Paindesol

The Filippino Breakfast Buns Paindesol Recipe The roll is properly spelled 'Pan De Sal' and pronounced 'pan de sol'. Also Filipino is correct spelling, not Filipino.

Serve: 1

2 tbSugar
1 pkYeast
1/2 tsSalt
3 tbButter
Real bread crums
3 cFlour
1 cupEvaporated milk
1 Egg
1/4 cSugar

mix in pot and place in a warm place or microwave for about 5minutes just to warm up abit.

mix all these with items from step 1 after you mix it cut the way you like and and roll in bread crums you need to wait 45 minutes before you put in the oven oven temp. 375 cooking time 20 minutes

Filippino Breakfast Buns Paindesol 
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