Filipino Shrimp Keleguen Salad

The Filipino Shrimp Keleguen Salad Recipe I have a lot of Filipino and Guamanian students where I teach. My wife and I went to a Cotillion ball for one of my students and just fell in love with this Chamorro shrimp and coconut salad that one of the grandmothers made. It is just crazy delicious

Serve: 8

4 lbs. cooked frozen shrimp; no tails or skins on
1 yellow onion diced
1 bunchgreen onions sliced thin
1 bagflaked coconut
2 cupslemon juice
6 thai red peppers sliced - see picture
salt to taste

Mix everything together really well and chill. I'm sure that fresh coconut is probably better than bagged, but you are not going to get me to grate a whole coconut.

use sweetened coconut flakes because I can't find unsweetened. Seems to work OK.

I'm sure you could probably substitute Asian "hot chili garlic sauce" instead of the whole peppers. I had to get my jar of peppers from the Asian Market the sauce is much easier to find.

Filipino Shrimp Keleguen Salad
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