Filipino Laing

The Filipino Laing Recipe is popular in the bicol region becasue of the aboundance of Taro, a plant that bears our main ingredience "the taro leaves". Bicolanos collect this taro leaves and leave it to dry for days in preparation for cooking laing. Laing can be combined with whatsoever is available Pork, shrimp, fried fish, scallops the possibilities are endless. My favorite is just plain shrimp since i usually eat this dish together with rice and fried Tlapia.

Serve: 10

1 canbuy this at your
2 cans ofCoconut milk
1 cupWater
0.5 pound ofshrimp (tiger prawn is recommended)
1 cloves ofgarlic
1 I onion
1 ginger
0.25 cupvinegar
6 tbspfull alamang
1 1 1-3 pieces of siling labuyo (chili pequin)

Chop onion, garlic and ginger then suaute it on a frying pan with your shrimp.

Add the 2 cans of coconut milk, 6 tbsp alamang,one cup water and half or whole pack of your taro leaves depending on how many guest you are expecting.

bring to boil and cover for at least 45 minutes on medium heat Depending on how hot you want your dish you can just leave the siling labuyo without chopping it on the

very last few minutes before you take it off the stove or if you want it hot chop the siling labuyo and add it while you are boiling the dish this would be very spicy. This is best served with fried fish or BBQ.

Filipino Laing
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