Filipino Kare Kare

The Filipino Kare Kare Recipe all time Filipino Favorite Dish that is always present on all occations from birthdays to holiday feast. This dish is made of beef, combined with asian veggies. A must try, dish for everyone.

Serve: 6

beef oxtail
1 poundBeef Surlion; cut into cubes
1 peanut butter
1 Fish Sauce
Mama Sita's Kare Kare mix (oriental/asian market
1 String beans
Baby Bokchoy
1 japanese eggplant
1 Garlic
1 Onion

Boil beef Oxtail and serlion on a pressure cooker for 30 minutes, then let it cool down and set aside.

Cut garlic and onion to sautee veggies except the bokchoy on a large pot then set aside veggies, on the same pot sautee the beef until it is almost brown.

Use kare kare mix on the beef broth that was setted aside until the mix has disolved, add the broth to pot where you sauteed the beef then add at least 6-8 tablespoon full or more of your peanut butter add more depending on your taste. then use fish sauce to season.

Boil for 30 minutes more or until it is almost thick. Add the veggiies that was setted aside and add the bokchoy. Cover the pot until the bokchoy is already cooked.

Filipino Kare Kare
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