Valentine Cupcakes

The Valentine Cupcakes Make the hearts pulp sugar the day before and let them harden on a flat surface. I dedicated this Valentine cupcake recipe.

For 6 cupcakes:

2 eggs
100 g sugar
80 g butter
100 g flour
1/2 cull in baking powder
1 baked coffee extract of vanilla extract
6 tbsp. coffee red currant jam

For the cream:
100 g butter
200 g of icing sugar
1 cooked, coffee vanilla extract liquid
pink dye
Sugar Paste

Preheat oven to 180 ° C (gas mark 6).

Remove the paper liners in muffin Rigid.

Beat with electric mixer eggs and sugar. you get a white paste and fluffy. Melt butter, mix the flour with the yeast chemical then add it to the previous preparation. Add vanilla extract.

Divide the dough in the trays and bake for 20 minutes. Cool the cupcakes and cut a cone in the center of each cupcake, cut side pointed to to give way to jam in the cupcake. Post A cull, coffee jelly and replace the little hat.

Beat the soft butter and add sugar gradually ice. Finish with vanilla extract and food coloring. If the cream seems too hard, add a cull. Coffee with milk, if the contrary, it seems too light, add sugar ice.

Place the cream in a pastry bag and place on the cupcakes and decorate with hearts paste sugar.

Valentine Cupcakes 
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