sage chicken and potatoes

The sage chicken and potatoes recipe prep time: 15 minutes start to finish: 1 hour 15 minutes 4 servings

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1 lb)
3 medium unpeeled russet potatoes, cut into
3⁄4-inch pieces (3 cups)
1 1⁄2 cups ready-to-eat baby-cut carrots
1 jar (12 oz) chicken gravy
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon dried sage leaves
1⁄2 teaspoon garlic-pepper blend

1 Heat oven to 400°F. Spray 13×9-inch (3-quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray. In baking dish, arrange chicken, potatoes and carrots.

2 In small bowl, mix remaining ingredients; pour over chicken and vegetables.

3 Spray sheet of foil with cooking spray; place sprayed side down over baking dish.

4 Bake 50 to 60 minutes or until vegetables are tender and juice of chicken is clear when center of thickest part is cut (170°F).

Notes and Tips:
You can use bone-in chicken breasts, but they will take a little longer to bake. Chicken is done when juice is clear when center of thickest part is cut to bone (165°F). Also, if the garlic-pepper blend is not available, use 1⁄4 teaspoon each garlic powder and coarse ground black pepper instead.

sage chicken and potatoes recipe
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