Halloween Cake

The Halloween Cake - Prep 20 mins | Cooking 40 mins + decorating time

2 x 500g pkts French vanilla
cake mixture
red, yellowand green food colours
375g Cadbury Dark Melts
2 x 250g CadburyWhite Melts
2 x 300ml cream
Pascall Swirls

Cadbury Mini Drops
Cadbury Dark Melts, extra, melted
Woolworths Select MiniWaffle Cones
large and small toy spiders

1 Preheat oven according to packet instructions. Grease andline 2 deep 20cm (base) cake pans. Prepare each cakemix separately. Add red and yellow food colour to one mixture until it’s bright-orange. Add green colour to the second mixture until it’s bright-green.

2 Pour cakes into prepared pans and bake following packet instructions. Transfer cakes to wire racks to cool completely

3 Meanwhile, place dark chocolate melts and white chocolatemelts into separate bowls.Heat creamin a saucepan on medium-low until hot. Divide cream between chocolates. Stir both until melted and smooth. Cover and chill until thick.

4 Halve each cake through the middle. Reserve¼ cup of each ganache. Spread remaining dark ganache over top of three cakes. Chop 1 cup of swirls in half and scatterover ganache. Stack thecakes, alternating colours. Finish with plain cake on top.

5 Transfer to a cake stand.Colour the white-chocolate ganache with red and yellow foodcolours until itbecomes bright orange. Spread orangeganacheover topandsidesof cake, reserving some for thewitch hat (make hat following tip 2).

6 Spoon reserved dark ganache into a piping bag and decorate to and side of cake with a spiderweb (follow tip 1).

7 For bloodshot eyes, trim tops from 10swirls and pressamini drop into the centre to flatten. Place eyes around base. Place the witch hat on the top and press large spider onto the side.

Use The Natural Confectionary Co Snakes to add more spooky creatures.

Scary Decorations:
Prepare yourHalloween cake decorationswith our helpful tips below. Then assemble yourHalloween masterpiece from step 4 in the recipe method above.

TIP 1:
spiderweb Measure and mark the centre of the cakewith a toothpick. Pipe straight lines of dark ganache fromcentre out to edge and down the side. Pipe looping lines around the cake to connect the straight lines and form aweb. Addmini drops totopof web.

TIP 2:
witch’s hat Spoondiscsofextrameltedchocolate onto baking paper. Dip cone into chocolate to coat. Stand onto discs and leave to set.Colour reserved white ganache with green. Pipe green band around hat brim. Add reserved orange ganache to make buckle.

what you’ll need:
Stock up on these essential sweets to make this cake:
• The Natural Confectionary Co Snakes
• Cadbury Dark &WhiteMelts
• CadburyMini Drops
• Pascall Swirls

Halloween Cake Recipe
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