Halloween Witch Face Cupcake

Halloween Witch Face Cupcake - Halloween toppers is assembled with gumdrops for bodies and assorted candies (see Sources) for features. Cutting gumdrops, or scraping away patches of sugar, creates sticky parts for easy adhering.

For Toppers:
1 flat green gumdrop
1 red spice drop
2 long chocolate sprinkles
2 long white sprinkles, black licorice lace
1 black licorice stick
1 black licorice gummy candy (such as Chuckles), and 1 green sour candy (such as Nerds).

Cut gummy candy into a triangle hat; cut licorice stick into the brim. Snip licorice lace into a piece for hair. Poke holes in gumdrop with a toothpick; insert chocolate sprinkle eyes (use kitchen tweezers).

Scrape away sugar from gumdrop; attach green candy nose.

Snip off top of red spice drop; poke hole in middle and insert white sprinkle teeth. Place face on frosted cupcake. Curve hair around top; attach candy brim and hat.

Halloween Witch Face Cupcake
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