Raspberry Brownie Cake

The Raspberry Brownie Cake Recipe is The large and small children may Preparation time: 40 minutes * without cooling Baking time: 35 minutes

About 20 pieces

To prepare:
300g plain chocolate
* 200 g butter
* 100 g white chocolate
* 400g raspberries

To make the sponge:
6 eggs (size M)
* 200 g brown sugar
* 1 package Dr. Oetker Bourbon vanilla sugar
* 200 g flour
* 1 level tsp Dr. Oetker Backin

For the cast:
150 g dark chocolate (at least 50% cocoa content)
* 50 g whipped cream

For the topping:
150-200 g raspberries

chop the chocolate into pieces To prepare, melt the butter cool in a bowl in hot water over low heat, stirring, leave. White chocolate into about ½ inch cubes.

raspberries picked, stalks short rinse, pat dry if necessary.

Preheat the oven. Top and bottom heat: about 180 ° C, hot air: about 160 ° C.

beat eggs for the dough in a mixing bowl with electric mixer with whisk at the highest level in 1 minute until fluffy. Mix sugar with vanilla sugar, sprinkle in 1 minute while stirring, then beat for about 2 minutes.

flour with baking powder, stir briefly to its lowest setting. Kuvert├╝remasse, chocolate chips and carefully fold in the raspberries. A back frame on a baking sheet set (30 × 40 cm, lined with baking paper). Gently spread the dough on the baking sheet.

the baking tray in the preheated oven slide. The cake about 35 minutes .

place the baking sheet to a wire rack. Let the cake cool.

break for casting chocolate into pieces and melt with the cream in a small saucepan over low heat in a hot water bath while stirring.

picked raspberries for the topping, just rinse, pat dry and remove stems. Distribute the raspberries on the cake.

melted chocolate into a freezer bag and cut a small corner. The chocolate on the Raspberries and inject the cake. Chocolate can be determined. Back frame and remove them. The cake into pieces.

Raspberry Brownie Cake
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