Gooseberry pie with coconut bee sting

The Gooseberry pie with coconut bee sting Recipe For the coffee break piece by piece a delight Preparation time: 35 minutes * without cooling Baking time: 40 minutes

About 20 pieces

For the topping:
125 g butter
* 80 g of liquid honey
* 65 ml coconut milk 200 g grated coconut
* 2 eggs (size M)

For the quark oil dough:
300 g flour
* 3 * level tsp Dr. Oetker Backin 80 g sugar
* 150 g fat quark
* 100 ml coconut milk
* 100 ml of cooking oil
720 g drained gooseberries (in glasses)

For the topping, melt butter, honey and coconut milk in a saucepan over medium heat and let boil. Stir in coconut. The mass can cool coconut and stir in the eggs.

Preheat the oven. Top and bottom heat: about 180 ° C, hot air: about 160 ° C.

For the pastry flour with baking powder and mix in a mixing bowl. Sugar, curd, coconut milk and cooking oil to add.

the ingredients with hand mixer with beaters at the lowest first, then processed at the highest level in about 1 minute to form a smooth dough (not too long, otherwise dough sticks).

Place the dough on a baking tray (30 × 40 cm, greased, lined with baking paper) roll out. Therefore provide a back frame. The gooseberries on the dough. The coconut mixture on it and give carefully spread on the gooseberries.

the baking tray in the preheated oven slide. The cake about 40 minutes .

place the baking sheet to a wire rack. Let the cake cool. The back frame and remove. The gooseberry pie into pieces

Gooseberry pie with coconut bee sting
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