Halloween Vampire Bat Cupcake

Halloween Vampire Bat Cupcake - This collection of edible Halloween toppers is assembled with gumdrops for bodies and assorted candies for features. Cutting gumdrops, or scraping away patches of sugar, creates sticky parts for easy adhering. Spread Swiss meringue buttercream (regular or chocolate variation) over cupcakes, then insert wings into buttercream on either side.

1 black licorice wheel
1 black gumdrop
2 red round candy sprinkles (nonpareils).

Cut black licorice wheel in half and then into two wing shapes; cut two small triangles from remaining licorice pieces for the ears. Poke holes in gumdrop with a toothpick, and insert licorice ears and red sprinkle eyes (use kitchen tweezers). Place face on frosted cupcake, then insert wings into buttercream on either side.

Halloween Vampire Bat Cupcake
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