Pork Tocino (Barbecued Pork, Filipino Style)

The Filipino Pork Tocino (Barbecued Pork, Filipino Style) Recipe Serves 4-6

Filipino Pork Tocino
2 lbs. pork, sliced thinly into serving pieces
6 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons salt
vegetable oil for pan-frying

Thoroughly combine sugar and salt in a small wide bowl. Dip both sides of sliced pork pieces into this mixture.

Marinate in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Stir meat around occasionally to distribute flavor evenly.

In a non-stick skillet over medium heat, pan-fry pork slices in a little oil until cooked and browned on both sides. Serve for breakfast with fried rice and pickled vegetables on the side.

I eliminated the artificial red food coloring and saltpeter (potassium nitrite) chemical usually used in this recipe. Add black ground pepper to taste, if desired. This dish can be prepared ahead and frozen for future use.
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