Blueberry Ripple Cheesecake

The Blueberry Ripple Cheesecake Recipe The marbled effect on this cheesecake is simple to achieve and always looks impressive.

Special equipment:
8in (20cm) round springform pan
food processor with
blade attachment

4 tbsp unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing
5oz (140g) vanilla wafers (about
34 cookies)
6oz (150g) blueberries
2⁄3 cup sugar, plus 3 tbsp extra
14oz (400g) cream cheese, at room temperature
9oz (250g) mascarpone, at room temperature
2 large eggs, plus 1 large egg yolk, at room temperature
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
2 tbsp all-purpose flour, sifted

For the compote:
4oz (100g) blueberries
1 tbsp sugar
squeeze of lemon juice

1 Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Grease the cake pan very well on its base and side.

2 Put the vanilla wafers in a large plastic bag and crush into fine crumbs with a rolling pin.

3 Melt the butter in a saucepan set over low heat; it should not begin to turn brown.

4 Add the crumbs to the saucepan, stir until coated in butter, and remove from the heat.

5 Press the crumbs into the base of the pan, pushing them down with the back of a spoon.

6 Put the blueberries and the 3 tbsp sugar in a food processor and purée until smooth.

7 Push the mixture through a nylon sieve (metal will taint it) into a small saucepan.

8 Bring to a boil, simmer for 3–5 minutes, or until thickened. Set aside.

9 Place the remaining sugar and the next 5 ingredients in the food processor.

10 Pulse the cream cheese mixture together until smooth and very well combined.

11 Pour the mixture on to the cookie base and smooth the top with a palette knife.

12 Drizzle with the berry jam and make swirls by drawing a metal skewer through the mix.

13 Boil a pot of water. Put the cake in a deep roasting pan and wrap the sides with tin foil.

14 Pour hot water into the pan, to come halfway up the sides, to stop the cake from cracking.

15 Bake for 40 minutes, until set but a bit wobbly. Turn off the oven and wedge open the door.

16 After 1 hour, remove the cake and place on a wire rack. Remove the sides of the pan.

17 Slide 1 or 2 spatulas between the cookie base and the base of the pan.

18 Transfer the cheesecake to a serving plate or cake stand, and leave to cool completely.

19 Meanwhile, put all the ingredients for the compote in a small pan.

20 Heat the compote gently, stirring occasionally, until all the sugar dissolves.

21 Transfer to a pitcher to serve. PREPARE AHEAD Can be made 3 days in advance and chilled.

Blueberry Ripple Cheesecake Recipe
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